Expert promotion in travel and hospitality industry.

Representative office for hotels

This division is specifically dedicated to meeting the expectations of international clinics and hotels. We work with travel companies, corporate and private clients. PRADHIVE acts as a global sales office which offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your hotel in Russia and CIS countries.

Social media marketing

Understanding national mentality and circumstances is crucial for effective promotion in social media. Russia is formed by 85 regions, each with its own unique culture and history. We bear in mind such details when creating an effective communication with the audience. We care not only to attract the clients to your hotel, but also to capture and convey its philosophy and ambience with the right visuals and information.

PR. Brand management

Brand reputation in a single information space heavily influences the income rates. We help to identify the necessities of Russian tourists, determine what people actually say about your hotel on the web, smooth out the negative reactions and build up desired attitude. You will always be aware of interesting precedents in the area of tourism and will get through to your target audience in a timely fashion.

Advertising campaigns

We develop comprehensive ATL and BTL advertising campaigns taking local Russian tourism market specifics into account. Our team’s international experience allows us to attract relevant Russian clients using modern digital tools at their best.

Services that really work:


- performance analysis

- tourism market research and prognosis

- building marketing and sales development strategy

- business development and strategy to improve sales performance

- competitors analysis

- texts translation and adaptation


- target advertising campaigns

- setting up Google Adwords and Yandex Direct advertising campaigns

- setting up native advertising

- hyperlocal targeting

- designing advertising products and printed materials

- e-mail marketing

Pradhive Hotels

- planning hotel services and booking strategy

- ensuring hotel occupancy rate growth

- sales calls organisation

- brand values development through marketing communication

- key accounts management (TA,TO, MICE, corporate clients)

- FAM tours organisation

- participation in relevant exhibitions and events in Russia and CIS countries

- forming reports for the managing company

- 24/7 sales and marketing support service


- promoting appearance in magazines, on radio and TV

- media databases monitoring and management

- anti-crisis communication

- media relations

- PR promotion planning

- digital PR and digital media publication

- search engine reputation management (SERM)


- SMM strategy planning

- shaping up brand values and reputation

- account promotion


- brand identity design

- localization of marketing materials

- collaboration with travel bloggers and opinion leaders

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